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Project Name Sanctioned Nos Revised Nos Latest Revised Nos Difference BP issued Pending BP issued
project 1
project 2
project 3
Ineligible Splitup
Pending BP Splitup
CategoryTotal Numbers Cleared Rejected add
CategoryHolded for clearance Action
CategoryTotal Numbers Cleared Rejected Action
No Land Available
Included in CLSS
Land In Panchayeth
Need Repair
House availed from SC Dept
Financial assistance from other source
Need Bigger House
No willing to demolish the existing structure
Nt Interested
House Rennovated
Land sold
Have a good home
Land Not suitable
Included in Previous Housing scheme
Land Document Issues
CategoryHolded for clearance Action
Flood rejected
Document Issues
Wet Land in databank
Railway NOC
possession certificate -penging from Govt
Land Document Issues
Financial Issues
Need time