EYE    of   PMAY(U)
Urban Local Body Sector Description No:of beneficiaries benefitted Amount Allocated
Anthoor Municipality Waste disposal Convergence with municipal plan fund for supplying ring compost system for all PMAY- LIFE beneficiaries. 100 1,25,000
Chavakkadu Municipality Corpus fund to provide gap amount “Bhavana Nidhi” corpus fund. 29 1,50,000
Kogungallur Municipality Plant nursery to provide 1 sapling/ PMAY beneficiary Plant nursery in convergence with AUEGS. 1000 20,000
Kollam Corporation Provision of land and additional financial assistance 0.57 acres of land provided for the rehabilitation of 19 dhobhi families in Alakkukuzhi colony.  In addition to the financial assistance under PMAY(U), financial assistance of Rs.6.6 lakhs/ dwelling unit is provided from  the ULBs own fund. The project is executed by the women construction units of Kudumbashree  in Kollam district. Convergence with NULM is also integrated by providing livelihood by giving them power laundry. 19 1,25,40,000
Ponnani Waste management-supply of biobin Provision of bio bin to 150  PMAY beneficiaries @ Rs.1600 150 2,40,000
Ponnani Assistance for toilet construction to PMAY(U) beneficiaries. Amount has been earmarked for material procurement for toilet construction for all PMAY(U) houses. Labour component will be booked under AUEGS . 50,00,000
Koilandy Municipality Free wiring Provision of Rs.9000/per beneficiary for electrification of  61 SC beneficiaries. 61 549000
Palakkad Pipe compost Proposed to provide pipe compost units to all PMAY beneficiaries. 350 130000
Thrikakara Municipality Community led construction model and bulk procurement. Community led construction model for 16 families of Lekshamveedu Colony. Bulk procurement, community contracting and monitoring. Discussion held with Cochin Shipyard for providing gap fund. 16 5000000
Kozhikode Provision of solar lamp Provision of solar lamp to 75 (@1/ward) PMAY beneficiaries. Rs.5000/ beneficiary. 75 3,75,000
Kozhikode Free wiring Free wiring to SC beneficiaries (@Rs.9000X61) 61 5,49,000
Vaikom Municipality Bulk procurement Bulk procurement of cement and steel from KESNIK Kalavaras to PMAY beneficiaries at 15 % cost reduction.
Kochi Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility Puravankara Builders contributed Rs 33.50 lakhs for Vennalapara colony And Chittilappy foundation contributed Rs 14 lakhs for the construction of dwelling units for 28 families. 18 47,50,000
Kochi Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility Anugraha Charitable Trust, Kochi has committed to provide Rs.70,00,000 (@ Rs.500000/ beneficiary) gap fund for 14 beneficiaries 14 70,00,000
Marad Municipality Corporate Social Responsibility in collaboration with K Chittilappilly Foundation arranged CSR/ Charity fund to support the completion of PMAY houses in Maradu. An amount of Rs.37,50,000has been provided by the foundation
Palakkad Municipality Corporate Social Responsibility financial assistance of Rs.4,00,000(@Rs.50000X9) has been provided by Malabar Gold and Rs.13,50,000 lakh (@ Rs.1.5 lakh x9) by Krishna builders 18
Total 1911 56,99,000